Heavy Duty Industrial Vibrators


PRODUCTS - Heavy Duty Industrial Vibrators

Products - Heavy Duty Industrial Vibrators

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Heat Resistant Windings

  • Oversized Bearings

  • Totally Enclosed Design

  • All Voltages Available

  • Effective Multi-Directional Force

  • Continuous Duty Rated

  • Adjustable Force

  • No Noise Operation

  • Huge Variety of Sizes

Earthquake Vibrator On A Vibrating Screen (1:55)

Earthquake Industries Inc. delivers the very best in rotary electric vibrators. Our Ultra Heavy Duty EQV line are completely self contained units. They are precisely engineered to provide you with maintenance free, low noise, multidirectional vibration to aid in the flow of bulk materials . With centrifugal forces ranging from 20lbs to 20,000lbs and speeds ranging from 900 vpm to 3600 vpm we have what it takes to meet all your vibration requirements.

Earthquake's electric vibrators are designed to handle the most extreme conditions. The heavy duty; totally enclosed construction allows our vibrators to out perform the competition even in snow, rain, dust or dirt. Inside or outside, Earthquake vibrators always get the job done!

Earthquake's EQV line boasts oversized bearings, adjustable force settings, heat resistant windings
and a continuous duty rating. Combine all this with silent operation and you are guaranteed years of
reliable superior performance.

Earthquake's “Lowest Price Promise” will provide you with the best Heavy Duty electric vibrators
for the lowest price. Period!

1. Common Bin Application
2. Vibratory Force required is normally 10-20% of weight in the tapered section of the bin or hopper

2 POLE 3600 VPM (Think 2 pole 3600 VPM First!) The most popular and multi-purpose vibrators.
They are used on a wide assortment of applications like bins, hoppers, feeders, chutes, tables
and for casting concrete. They effectively move materials that range from fine to granular. Examples
include: sugar, salt, gravel, dust dirt, sand and many more.

4 POLE 1800 VPM (Screens...think 4 pole 1800 VPM) These vibrators are commonly used on
materials that are more lumpy in nature. Therefore they make a great screen vibrator. Examples of
materials that would require this style of vibrators are woodchips and coffee beans.

6 POLE 1200 VPM and 8 Pole 900 VPM Not as common, these vibrators are used on light fluffy
materials that require high force and high amplitude. They can also be very effective on screens.

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