Dump Truck Vibrators


Products -Dump Truck Vibrators- BEST SELLING TRUCK VIBRATOR
  • Dump material faster

  • More payload per trip

  • Loosens wet, sticky, frozen materials

  • Maximum force 3700 LBS

  • Economical, easy installation

  • No more clutch repairs

  • No more tailgate ganging

  • No more dangerous flip-overs

  • No more slamming the brakes

  • No more shoveling

A safer way to unload a truck!

Earthquake Industries Inc. delivers the very best in vibration technology.

Earthquake's DC-4000 Truck Vibrator is engineered to produce “a whopping” 3700lbs of efficient vibration, making it the ideal solution to unload those wet, frozen or sticky materials from your truck.

Earthquake's DC-4000 is built to withstand the most extreme conditions. It is totally sealed from outside elements like salt, sand, water, dust and dirt. Along with oversized, permanently lubricated bearings and its heavy duty construction, you are guaranteed years of trouble free performance.

Earthquake's “Lowest Price Promise” makes the DC-4000 Truck Vibrator the best buy in the business....PERIOD

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